Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marines Inc.

We the Marines and Corpsmen of Delta Company 1st Battalion 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division FMF-PAC Vietnam 1965 to 1970, exist for the expressed purpose of perpetuating the legacy of this combat unit’s accomplishments in the Vietnam War and facilitate the healing, fellowship, and education of all our fallen and surviving Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marine brothers and their families.

Our mission is an expression of our Marine motto-Semper Fidelis.

Delta Company 1st Bn. 7th Marines was a combat unit that served with the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War from  1965 to 1970. Although we had our own theater of operations,  we were also utilized as a reactionary force for the 1st Battalion 7th Marines 1st Marine Division. On August 14th, 1965 Delta Company landed in Vietnam.